18th Jul 2024



Cash flow is the life blood of most business enterprises. The 30 or 60 day credit terms have turned in to months and the excuses get more and more unbelievable.   Its time to protect your business! 



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  • Immediate actions:

These may include credit checks, telephone calls and letters of demand


  • Issue of Proceedings

A summons is issued and served on the debtor


  • Defended hearings

Where the debtor defends the action we attend court with you to prove the debt on your behalf.


  • Judgment

In undefended cases we action judgment without you having to attend court.


  • Registration of judgment

Where appropriate we may register the judgment and publish the judgment.


  • Enforcement of judgments

We obtain a court order directing the debtor to pay the debt in fixed instalments


  • Lodgement with the sheriff

The sheriff is entitled to seize goods to discharge debts.


  • Judgment mortgage

This is a mortgage on a property owned by a debtor.


  • Orders for sale

We may seek an order on foot of such mortgage to sell property and discharge the debt


  • Bankruptcy

Where the debtor has sufficient funds we may apply to have him declared bankrupt.


  • Liquidation

In appropriate cases we may seek to have a company liquidated.


  • Examination of company directors

We may examine company directors in open court as to their stewardship of the company. In some situations directors can be held liable for company debts.


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